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A Guide to Pairing Chinese Snacks with Drinks

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Chinese snacks are a delicious and convenient way to add some variety to your snacking routine, but did you know that they can also be paired with drinks to create a truly memorable experience? From sodas and teas to beers and cocktails, there are many options for pairing Chinese snacks with drinks.

Here are a few tips for pairing Chinese snacks with drinks:

1- Match flavors: One of the keys to successful pairing is to match the flavors of the snack and the drink. For example, a sweet and fruity Chinese candy could be paired with a fruity soda or tea, while a spicy Chinese chip might be paired with a refreshing beer or a spicy cocktail.

2- Consider textures: In addition to matching flavors, it’s also important to consider the textures of the snack and the drink. A crunchy Chinese snack might be best paired with a carbonated drink, while a creamy snack might be better with a smooth and creamy drink.

3- Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations of Chinese snacks and drinks. You might be surprised by the delicious combinations that you come up with.

Here are a few specific pairing suggestions to get you started:

Lays chips (spicy Sichuan pepper flavor) + cold beer

Fanta gummies (strawberry flavor) + fruity soda

Oreo cookies (red bean flavor) + iced green tea

Skittles (passionfruit flavor) + fruity cocktail

Cheetos (spicy shrimp flavor) + spicy margarita

Doritos (spicy Sichuan pepper flavor) + cold beer

Pocky (matcha green tea flavor) + iced matcha latte

White Rabbit candy + cold milk

Meiji chocolate (green tea flavor) + hot green tea

Sweet potato chips + cold lemonade

Try pairing these Chinese snacks with these drinks (or mix and match to create your own combinations) and discover a whole new world of snacking possibilities. Head on over to Real Exotic Snacks to try these and many other tasty treats!

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