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Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Wafer Bars Bag


Crisp cookie wafers are drenched in smooth white chocolate infused with sweet matcha green tea flavor for a delicious twist on a candy classic. Green tea Kit Kat bars are a hit in Japan, and now they’re making waves here with a limited supply of bars. Don’t wait to stock up!

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If you are a fan of green tea and chocolate, then you will love Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat wafer bars. These tasty treats feature crisp cookie wafers that are coated in a layer of smooth white chocolate that has been infused with the sweet and mellow flavor of matcha green tea. The combination of the crisp wafers, creamy chocolate, and subtle green tea flavor is simply divine and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Wafer Bars have become a hit in Japan, and now they’re making waves here as well. However, they are available in limited supply, so if you want to get your hands on a few bars, you’ll need to act fast. Don’t wait, and stock up on these delicious treats today!


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